Spotler Group acquires leading CDP Squeezely

August 2, 2021 - 09:57

Spotler Group acquires leading CDP Squeezely

Spotler Group is delighted to welcome Squeezely to its expanding portfolio of like minded marketing technology companies. With over 100 ecommerce clients Squeezely has delivered on its promise of simple to build complete buyer journeys across multiple channels.

Squeezely offers clients the ability to take control of the collecting of behavioural data, storing and tagging it in one logical, easy to use interface then visually building customer journeys. With out of the box templates for shopping cart and web content abandonment customers can get up and running quickly. However, the simplicity of the drag and drop journey builder offers a unique ability to easily build custom journeys accessing the simplified data tagging to deliver hyper personalised experiences across all channels.

Squeezely not only executes journeys on email but is truly omnichannel. The platform features a website personalization toolkit to easily create page content specific to customer tastes, using a built in recommendation engine to predict the best offers. Squeezely Customer Data Platform (CDP) connects businesses to all marketing channels like web, email, Facebook, Google to name but a few as well as push notifications at the best moment to enrich a visitors experience.

Lee Chadwick, CEO Spotler Group: “We are delighted to welcome Squeezely to the Group. While continuing as a standalone brand and organisation we have already begun deepening the integration with our email platforms so that Group customers instantly benefit from the acquisition. We strongly believe in offering our customers a choice. As such Squeezely will continue to integrate to and work with other ESP’s in the marketplace as well and likewise our Group ESP’s (Spotler and Tripolis) will still offer integrations with other CDP’s as well. The desires of a marketer are woven into our fabric and we want everyone to have the tools to deliver hyper personalised experiences.”

Tim Hoefnagel, Founder Squeezely: “Spotler Group offers us a fantastic framework to continue to the next level of the Squeezely Journey. We have big plans in our roadmap which can be accelerated now we are part of a bigger group. We are especially excited about working with the Spotler Group AI team to further our ambitions for our clients.”

A logical next step
Over 3 years ago Squeezely already selected Spotler’s email marketing automation solution for e-commerce as one of its