Full-service and digital-driven accounting firm to unburden entrepreneurs.
CEO / MD: Paul Heuker
December 2022

OBI4wan (add-on Spotler Group)

Omni-channel customer service and engagement software
CEO / MD: Alexander de Ruiter
April 2022

Pure360 (add-on Spotler Group)

Pure360 is a leading provider of best-in-class B2C email marketing & marketing automation software in the UK.
CEO / MD: Mark Ash
November 2021


Bynder's digital asset management solution helps you do more with your marketing assets.
CEO / MD: Bob Hickey


AI for Invoice-to-Pay processes improving compliance and efficiency
CEO / MD: Jeroen Volk
September 2015

Comandi (add-on Yuki)

Online management information system for entrepreneurs and advisors.
CEO / MD: Dewi Vermeulen

DizzyData (add-on Yuki)

DizzyData offers machine-learning based online invoice recognition, authorization and e- invoicing with integrated
CEO / MD: Micha Smit


Electronic saddle clip for monitoring horse training.
CEO / MD: Leon Rutten
May 2019

Flowmailer (add-on Spotler Group)

Flowmailer is a powerful transactional email platform for reliable & swift deliverability.
CEO / MD: Richard van Looijen
March 2017


Homerr is an independent logistic network consisting of private individuals and small retail.
CEO / MD: Juriaan Matthijssen
April 2018


Leading hospitality software business for kitchen & recipe management.
CEO / MD: Marvin van Dongen


Imprima's VDR platform is behind over $1 trillion-worth of M&A, Real Estate and Financial Services transactions.
CEO / MD: Gary McKeown
May 2019


The total solution to reach, train and engage non-desk employees.
CEO / MD: Ruben Wieman
November 2018


Administration SaaS for SMB and bookkeepers that works for you and provides decision-making intel in real time.
CEO / MD: Roger Dobaño

Spotler Group

Spotler Group provides data-driven, omni-channel marketing communication software to SMEs.
CEO / MD: Lee Chadwick
December 2016

Communigator (add-on Spotler Group)

Communigator (now Spotler UK) provides B2B marketing automation and lead generation software in the UK mid-market.
CEO / MD: Lee Chadwick
June 2018

Squeezely (add-on Spotler Group)

Customer Data Platform (CDP) converting raw customer data into actionable insights & personalized recommendations.
CEO / MD: Tim Hoefnagel
July 2021

Tripolis (add-on Spotler Group)

Tripolis provides state-of-the-art email marketing & marketing automation software solutions.
CEO / MD: Sean Barten
June 2020

Weadapt (add-on Bynder)

Weadapt is a CMP for data-driven video advertising allowing companies to easily create dynamic videos & campaigns.
CEO / MD: Maarten Boon


Digital employee engagement platform that connects organisations with their dispersed, frontline workforce.
CEO / MD: Gys Kappers
December 2019


Yuki is a fast-growing robotic accounting platform for SMEs. Yuki was acquired by Visma in 2020.
CEO / MD: Rogier van den Heuvel