CNBB Equity Partners acquires accounting and administration firm Yaarwerk

January 9, 2023 - 13:56

CNBB Equity Partners acquires accounting and administration firm Yaarwerk

CNBB Equity Partners announces that it has acquired Yaarwerk from Visma | Yuki. CNBB aspires to build a large national office with the firm in the coming years. Growth will be achieved via a combination of strong organic growth and acquisitions of administration and accounting firms focused on SME clients.

Lucas Brentjens, founder of CNBB Equity Partners (and co-founder of Yuki): “We once started Yuki because we were of the opinion that SME administration could and perhaps should be done differently. That idea is reflected in the software of Yuki and has also been brought to life in Yaarwerk. This makes Yaarwerk for CNBB the ideal starting point in its ambitions to build a large national administration and accounting firm based on modern tools and principles. Meeting customer needs is the compass of this ambition.”

Control through innovation

The principles that once governed the founding of Yuki are the inspiration for an administration and accounting firm with a broad range of services. Innovation forms the foundation to support entrepreneurs and accountants in improving their operations.

About Yaarwerk

The team at Yaarwerk unburdens entrepreneurs. As a full service accounting firm, it is focused on effective online accounting and proactive advice. Thanks to close ties with the Visma family of future-proof cloud solutions, the office always works with the best and latest software in the market. This allows them to streamline all processes and be the committed partner for entrepreneurs who want to turn opportunities into results.