Bynder joins forces with Thomas H. Lee Partners to accelerate growth

December 28, 2022 - 18:39

Bynder joins forces with Thomas H. Lee Partners to accelerate growth

US-based private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners has acquired a majority stake in Bynder. Jointly, THL and Bynder will focus on building out an even greater presence in the market for digital marketing assets through acquisitions and product innovations.

From our initial investment in 2014, it has been inspiring for us to support Bynder in its exceptional growth. From the start, Chris Hall, Robbert Flipsen, Roland Keijzer, Bram Hilgersom and Stefan Pelders were thinking big and understood just how valuable and actionable digital asset management is to businesses. This joint adventure started with Bynder taking its first steps in the US market and later accelerated with the decision to partner with renowned software-focused private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners to roll-out an US strategy. Bynder has built an outstanding foundation for THL to step into and take the lead in extracting value from untapped opportunities.

As a long-term investor, CNBB Equity Partners will continue to stay on board as a shareholder with a reduced minority stake. We look forward with great interest to Bynder’s next growth phase and we are confident in its ability to become the next Dutch unicorn.

We would like to congratulate Chris Hall, Bob Hickey and the rest of the Byndies and Bynder management team with this transaction and their valuable efforts in building this exceptional business.