What we do best

From seed to buy-out, CNBB acts as an active investor in technology companies with a specialization in SaaS models.

Growth and buy-out

CNBB does both growth investments and buy-outs, supporting software companies in every stage of their development. We work together with our founders and their teams to accelerate growth, access new markets, optimize existing business models and build platforms through acquisitions.


Our portfolio companies can capitalize on the 30+ years of experience of our managing partners in running international software companies. We have experience in both on-premise models and cloud-based SaaS models which gives us a strong advantage in creating metric-driven cultures.

Data and KPI’s

It is crucial for us that our portfolio companies manage their data well and that they can use this to implement and track important metrics and KPI’s. We support our companies in realizing this ambition by implementing scalable systems and processes and benchmarking their numbers with comparable companies and industry standards.

Capital & People

We deliver capital, but more importantly: people. Our team is very much dedicated to help our companies win. Our managing partners are closely involved in the strategy of our businesses and the investment and operations team support them on the execution.

Who we are

Meet Arco and Lucas, the managing partners of CNBB. They have been in the software business for quite some time and are here to help our companies excel.

Arco van Nieuwland

Managing Partner

Lucas Brentjens

Managing Partner


A glimpse into our portfolio.

Tripolis Solutions (add-on Spotler)

Tripolis offers an e-Mail & Marketing Technology Hub which provides dynamic content that is truly one on one.
CEO / MD: Bram Smits
June 2020


Sign2Pay offers new and innovative products to handle payment processes or to authenticate users.
CEO / MD: Nicolas Mertens
December 2013


Administration SaaS for SMB and bookkeepers that works for you and provides decision-making intel in real time.
CEO / MD: Dan Kragt
January 2018